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Mighty gives kids the tools to practice entrepreneurship and build financial literacy. It's free! 

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Get Money Smart

Mighty is where every kid can earn their first dollar and start to learn how money works. We believe that the best learning happens through real experiences – that’s why every kid who joins Mighty will start their own business, creating and selling their own products.

Learn the Skills of Entrepreneurship

We believe that the skills of entrepreneurship are life skills - problem solving, resourcefulness, resilience,  creativity, and leadership. It’s not about preparing for a career in business, it’s about building the core skills to be able to succeed anywhere.

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Take Creativity to the Next Level

Nothing is more empowering than having the tools to bring your creativity to life. On Mighty, kids' ideas become real! Your child will feel pride and confidence when they create something, share it with the world, and possibly have someone purchase it.

Who is Mighty?

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Kyra, Mighty CEO

“Mighty is an amazing outlet for Kyra to express her creativity while learning from other kids and the Mighty team. She gets feedback on her designs, keeps improving, and couldn’t be more proud to sell her art”
Cris, Kyra's Mom
“I use Mighty as a learning tool for Khi. It’s helped him build better communication skills by telling others about his business. It’s also helped him practice math skills by calculating earnings and profits.”
Neema, Khi’s mom
Headshot of Khi

Khi, Mighty CEO


How much does Mighty cost?

Mighty is free to use! We don’t charge a commission on sales and we even cover credit card processing fees. In the future, we may offer some upgrade options for a fee. If your child chooses to use Mighty to create print on demand merchandise, then they will keep 20% of the money they make and we’ll use the other 80% to pay the vendor manufactures, prints, and ships your items for them.

What can my child sell on Mighty?

Your child can sell anything that they make, have or do on Mighty within the bounds of our Listing Guidelines. Some common examples are slime, bracelets, sneakers, trading cards, baby sitting and dog walking. Your child can also choose to customize clothing and accessories from the Mighty Catalog.

How will my child make sales?

Your child will  need to market their business to their friends and family. Mighty does not market your child’s business for them.  We’ve seen kids have success by emailing family using our built-in tool, having family members post on social media, asking customers for referrals, handing out posters or business cards at events, creating videos on YouTube and more. Your help here is important. Our coaching team and fellow CEOs in the community have created lots of great content to support your child with this as well. Of course, sales are not guaranteed - it takes hard work and not every child that uses Mighty will make a sale.

How much money does my child make when they sell a product?

When your child sells something that they make, have, or do, they keep 100% of what the customer pays. Mighty takes no fee on sales. We even cover the credit card processing fees for you! If your child chooses to sell a Print on Demand product from the Mighty Catalog, they will earn 20% of the retail price  (here is a chart of the profit they earn on each item in our catalog). Mighty takes no fees on these Print on Demand sales; we pay our printing partner to create and ship the item(s) and send the remaining amount to your child. 

How will my child get the money they earn?

When your child makes their first sale, we'll ask you to connect a bank account using Stripe. Your child can then cash out their earnings from Mighty to that bank account. Transfers may take 1-3 business days to show up in your bank account.

Does my child need to fulfill orders or handle customer support?

If your child chooses to sell something that they make, have, or do, they are responsible for fulfilling the order and interacting with the customer. If your child chooses to sell a Print on Demand product from the Mighty Catalog, we will take care of all the logistics and customer support for your child. In that case, we will print their design onto the product they sold, ship that item to their customer, send your child their profit, and handle any customer inquiries.

What guidance does the Mighty Coaching team provide?

The Coaching Team is available via live chat and email to answer any questions that your child (or you!) have along the way. Our Team has produced content, like our CEO Bootcamp video series, to teach your child the skills of entrepreneurship that will help them succeed with their business. The Team also drops new content each week - including design contests, inspirational videos from other successful CEOs, Q&As with the Mighty Team, and much much more. 

How does Mighty keep my child safe?

We create a safe environment by screening every product designed on Mighty and every website launched to ensure it meets our Shop & Product Guidelines. If your child sells something that they make, have, or do we will send the customer information to you so that you have the option of if and how to share the customer information with your child. We keep the Mighty community private so that only Mighty CEOs can join, view, and post. All posts are approved by our moderation team prior to being published and must meet our Community Guidelines. We protect your child’s privacy by not allowing kids to share contact information on their website or in the Mighty community. 

What age is Mighty appropriate for?

Children as young as 8 can successfully use Mighty on their own. Most users are between 8 and 13.

How much support do I need to provide my child?

Mighty was built to give kids as young as 8 the tools and support to launch a business independently. We recommend that parents offer their children support in marketing their business and give them feedback on the products and website they’ve designed. 

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